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This purpose of this website is to voice opinion regarding experiences in dealing with Foy's Pigeon Supplies based out of Beaver Falls, PA. It has comes as a result of not only our complete dissatisfaction with the way we were treated by Foys, but from hearing the grumblings of other pigeon flyers to numerous to mention. It finally went from "someone really ought to do something about them" to "we're going to do something about it." With this website, we hope that if you are a new pigeon flyer (or even a seasoned flyer) and you are looking for pigeon supplies that you will read this information carefully before making your choice on where to buy your products. We will give you our story, of course, as well as those of others we know who feel they were given a raw deal by Foys.

Example I...

"One day several months ago I was standing in line at the feed store waiting to pay my bill. And like everyone else I was looking at the impulse items set up for me to purchase while waiting. I saw this book entitled “White pigeons the color of money”, since I do white bird releases myself curiosity got the best of me and I picked up the book to take a peek. Read about how copyrighted photos were used without permission by an aurogant Foys pigeon supplies

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